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Please Stay on the Line

So, you know what’s even better than stupid, ol’, lousy June 16th? Well, June 23rd of course! It’s just as Thursday-y as June 16th, but it’s 7 more. It’s also Father’s day in Nicaragua, Poland and Uganda. And if I know anything about Ugandan Father’s Day, it’s that nothing makes a better gift than Continuity [...]


Sneak Preview

Only two more days until Continuity 2: The Continuation is out in the wild. So while you can’t get your grubby paws on the game yet, you can whet your appetite on this trailer in 720p. Keep a sharp eye open for a hint of a new feature that we’ve not previously revealed! Continuity 2: [...]


The Continuation

Continuity 2 has been approved by the App Store! Therefore, I am very proud to announce that Continuity 2: The Continuation will be sliding into the App Store on June 16, 2011. And that’s not all! Continuity 2:The Continuation will be releasing at an introductory price of only 99 cents (0.79 €, £0.59, etc…). So [...]

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To be continued…

So I’m very happy to announce that, finally, the sequel to Continuity has been submitted to Apple for review. So, while I’m not exactly sure when the game will be released, I’m prepared to change the release date from “soon” to “very soon, on a Thursday”. If you want to make sure you don’t miss [...]