Please Stay on the Line

So, you know what’s even better than stupid, ol’, lousy June 16th? Well, June 23rd of course! It’s just as Thursday-y as June 16th, but it’s 7 more.

It’s also Father’s day in Nicaragua, Poland and Uganda. And if I know anything about Ugandan Father’s Day, it’s that nothing makes a better gift than Continuity 2.

But seriously, I’m truly sorry to announce that we’re postponing Continuity 2: The Continuation’s release date to June 23rd. Believe me, nobody wants to get the game out more.

So why the wait? Well we needed to give reviewers a little longer to play with the game to make sure that we’re adequately publicized come release day. It’ll be out next week come hell or high water.

But like anybody who asks you to wait on hold, we’d like to give you something to listen to while you wait to help you pass the time. So here’s the music from Continuity 2: The Continuation.

Continuity 2 – Outerworld

Our good friend Elias Holmlid of Dragonland wrote and performed the songs. He’s awesome.

We appreciate your patience. Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line.

One Response

  1. Peyton says:

    An Android version of the game would be nice too. Are there plans to develop for the Android platform?