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Let’s Dance!

So there’s only three days left until Continuity 2: The Continuation’s release (June 23)!

We here at Ragtime Games feel like celebrating. And what better way to celebrate than with music?

Last week we uploaded the slower song from Continuity 2, that plays when the level is zoomed out, and you’re rearranging tiles. Today, take a listen to the song the plays when the game is zoomed in and you’re moving around the level.

Get it here.

In the game, both songs actually synch up as we fade between them when you zoom in and out. It gives you a pretty good feeling of a continuous play experience, but helps to clearly distinguish the two play modes.

Our audio guru is Elias Holmlid. As with Continuity 1, did all of Continuity 2′s music and sound effects.

Enjoy the music. When Continuity 2 comes out on Thursday, make sure you hook your headphones up to your iPhone or iPad so you can fully appreciate Elias’ hard work.

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